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Sabtu, 13 Juni 2015

GoPro Hero Camera Reviews

GoPro Camera Reviews - Early last month completed its annual ritual GoPro launches October suite of new units. Like last year, GoPro is not likely to make an important unity update, but instead of working to add additional features and performance bump.

The problem is this extra knot used to come up alone against most competitors out there. But with this extra bulk also they come unusual lumps in the price at the upper end, while dropping the unit upside down low range significantly in price.

The question is whether this strategy works this time, and are competitive in the market? In the last month I beat the crap out of the camera, which I bought, to find out. Since the test mode, high-resolution high-speed video to understand the different impact on battery life, I immerse myself in everything. let's start!


It's pretty rare that I have a lot of groups of products in a single opinion. Sometimes I like to make two small variations of the same product in one place, but I think this is the first trio I've been around these parts. When it comes to packaging GoPro however, all three units are quite similar, in fact.

In addition, Black and Silver Hero4 also includes a small adapter sleeve for mounting the system to change the direction a bit. Of course, because everyone wants to see what's coming in each packet, I have included for each of the unboxing below. I shortened a bit despite Silver / Base just to keep things not redundant. Beautiful voice?

Unboxed - BLACK:

For starters you'll find black and silver boxes designed exactly the same, with just a little different packaging materials low cost Base hero to save weight and cost.
This is what you get in the Black Hero4 box. These are all the elements mentioned above, but a small part intentionally omitted many people - which is a flat plate Heroes come in basic black. This can apply to act as a small tripod to hand, but many people just throw it away.
See all individual components, first we got the goods of paper stickers GoPro:

Then a standard mini-USB connector that can be used to drive the cost of both as well as photos are downloaded. Note that the USB (and accompanying GoPro) cable can be connected to the USB jack on the planet.

Then we have a newly designed battery Hero4 Black and Silver. It is slightly thinner than the last beefy battery.

Both Black and Silver came up with the same set of media. You have two adhesive mountain, one pancake flat, while the other is slightly curved (as for helmets). Behind it are two different mountains, one of which is holding the camera a little behind, while others have less extension (attached to the base plate to start). Meanwhile some extenders and direction changers are also included on the right.

Finally we come to the camera itself, which comes in a waterproof housing. There is a secondary entrance (see above), which allows sound you hear is relatively clear fully sealed waterproof housing front where it will be somewhat muffled.

The lower opening of the Black and Silver are identical, that is where you will put the battery. There is a small is pressing small buttons that appear to open the door. This design is much better than cover intrusive discovered in previous unit GoPro battery. GoPro camera for sale
Finally, in addition you will have a small door can be achieved including HDMI and mini-USB port and microSD card slot.